About Us

Kholab Effect is a social media app made for collaborating. Create videos with anyone from anywhere around the world! All you need to do is start a video and send it off to a friend. Once your friend finishes the video, BAM! You are all set to post that video to your wall. Adding funky effects to your videos makes them a lot more joyful. Keep in touch with all your followers by communicating through “The Lab.” See what is happening in the world of Kholab Effect by viewing what your friends have posted, every video on the app, and recommended videos we think you would like. Don’t only collaborate with your friends but reach out to your favorite celebrities and get a chance to make a video with them.


Our goal is not to make our platform a popularity contest. We want all of our users to be equal and have fun making and watching videos. We are building our community one video at a time, so every video counts!

Download the app.

Kholab Effect is only on IOS as of now, but will be coming to Google Play soon!

Stick around!

Kholab Effect is always changing and improving. We want everyone to enjoy Kholab Effect and make it easy for everyone to make videos with each other. Stick around to see what new features will be added. We want you to be apart of our future!