Meet the CEO

Before founding Kholab Effect...

Max Schillinger, CEO and founder of Kholab Effect, has a track record within the Influencer Market as a content creator on Youtube. As Max balanced high school and kept a four videos a week schedule, he would constantly research how he could grow his personal brand. Becoming invested in his crave for growth, there was a recurring theme that would appear in his research. Collaboration. Whether collaborating with friends, brands, or other creators, it was the best way to organically receive exposure. After constantly seeing that collaborating was an important element of growth, Max started to brainstorm different ideas on how to make the concept of collaborating easier. Moments after, the concept was finally solidified: 


“What if there was an app, where you DIDN'T need big bulky cameras, expensive editing softwares, or need to meet up with another person to make a video? Imagine recording a video segment, and being able to send it off to another person to complete the video.” -Max Schillinger 2017


Soon after the concept formed, Max began learning and dissecting the Influencer and App Industries. After several different phases; (Research Phase, Development Phase, Beta Phase, Friends and Family Phase, & a Worldwide Phase) what started as an idea from Max is now available in the Apple Store with thousands of users. 



       Max works closely with his Development team, several different Marketing teams, and Influencers  to grow Kholab Effect. He is constantly trying to network by growing strong relationships within the industry. His goal is to create a self-sustaining platform where people with all sorts of different talents can find a community right for them and be able to collab together. 


In the Future…

Kholab Effect plays a very important role in being the first of many companies started by Max that is a part of HDM Enterprises, LLC. Max has a vision to grow HDM Enterprises, LLC to become a world-wide known conglomerate that owns several companies that he starts. Only 17-years old, Max wishes to take a break from the business world right out of college to explore the world and record his travels.