How to Collab Together During Covid-19

Through the last couple of months the world kind of has turned upside down while going through the pandemic. The Coronavirus (Covid-10) has made it difficult for many people to continue their everyday routine as well as shattered or shifted businesses across the globe. In particular, for content creators it has made collaborating with brands, fans, other creators difficult considering we are all suggested to practice social distancing procedures. The only way to beat this virus is by working together. But, how are we supposed to work together, when advised to be a part? If you are a content creator, then you may have been finding it difficult to collaborate recently. That is why, Kholab Effect is the perfect way to continue making videos with other creators or even your fans! On Kholab Effect, you can still have the same joy of creating videos with friends without needing to be in the same place! All you need to do is record a video segment, then send it off to whoever you want to record their video segment and complete the video! Your followers and the person that you collabed with followers will be able to see the video. Not only will you be able to collab with others on the app, but you will be welcomed into a community that is right for you. There are hundreds of different communities on the app that have creators of all sorts of talents! Collab with Musicians, Dancers, Artists, Makeup Creators, Athletes, Animal Creators and more.