Kholab Effect is Building Communities

Kholab Effect, the app to collab with friends, has been growing communities of creators with remarkable talents for all their creators to find and collab with others within their community and help them show off their talents.     


Comedy Community

There are thousands of comedy creators making videos to collaborate with. Anywhere from skits, to jokes, all the way to social experiments. 


Sports Community

Basketball, soccer, baseball, football, you name it, we have it! Show off trick shots or take on other creators' challenges by collabing their videos.


Music Community

Even if you just publish a beat for someone else to sing over, or do a split screen video singing side by side with another musician! To make things even more exciting, you can start a music link! Sing the beginning of a song, allow someone else to kholab your video, then a third person can Kholab the video. Collaborating through music has never been this simple! Our goal in the music world is to bring people together, one song at a time. 

Dance Community

Are you trying to grow in the dance world? Kholab Effect is the perfect place to start! follow others in our dance community and Kholab with their videos! 


Fashion Community

 Collab with brands by reviewing a company's clothing or kholab with another person's video reacting to their OOTD (outfit of the day)


Makeup Community

Our Makeup community is one of our fastest growing and largest communities. Find thousands of makeup videos to watch or kholab.