Is it Important to Collab?

When it comes to growing a business, Non-profit, personal brand, or even just a social media platform collaboration plays a very important role in growth. Building relationships is extremely important to get your name out in the world. If you collab with another person that has a similar interest as you, then you may learn something new that brings value to your brand. It’s also an amazing tactic to grow your audience or onboard new clients. Even if the person you want to collaborate with may not have just as big of a following as you, there are most likely......Read more

How to Collab Together During Covid-19

Through the last couple of months the world kind of has turned upside down while going through the pandemic. The Coronavirus (Covid-10) has made it difficult for many people to continue their everyday routine as well as shattered or shifted businesses across the globe. In particular, for content creators it has made collaborating with brands, fans, other creators difficult considering we are all suggested to practice social distancing procedures. The only way to beat this virus is by working together. But, how are we supposed to work together, when advised to be a part? If you are a content creator,......Read more

Kholab Effect is Building Communities

Kholab Effect, the app to collab with friends, has been growing communities of creators with remarkable talents for all their creators to find and collab with others within their community and help them show off their talents.     


Comedy Community

There are thousands of comedy creators making videos to collaborate with. Anywhere from skits, to jokes, all the way to social experiments. 


Sports Community

Basketball, soccer, baseball, football, you name it, we have it! Show off trick shots or take on other creators' challenges by collabing their videos.


Music Community

Even if you just publish a beat for......Read more

Meet the CEO

Before founding Kholab Effect...

Max Schillinger, CEO and founder of Kholab Effect, has a track record within the Influencer Market as a content creator on Youtube. As Max balanced high school and kept a four videos a week schedule, he would constantly research how he could grow his personal brand. Becoming invested in his crave for growth, there was a recurring theme that would appear in his research. Collaboration. Whether collaborating with friends, brands, or other creators, it was the best way to organically receive exposure. After constantly seeing that collaborating was an important element of growth, Max started to......Read more

Yahoo News: The Newest Social Media App To Collab Together, While Apart

In the world of social media, if creators want to grow, they need to collaborate. In late 2019 US-based company HDM Enterprises, LLC released social media’s primer collaborative app “Kholab Effect,” which allows creators to collaborate, no matter what part of the world they’re in. Kholab Effect is no new player in the social media app game; it has been in the works since the (another social media app) days... Continue Reading on YahooNews!

...Read more

The Los Angeles Tribune: 18-Year Old Paves The Path For Social Media Collabing